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The back of Sydney Buildings from the K&A Canal


Welcome to the website of the Sydney Buildings Householders’ Association (SBHA). SBHA is the residents’ association for the road, which consists of 59 houses and three offices in period buildings.


Most of the residents belong to the association, which was set up in 1970 to protect and promote their interests in dealings with local bodies such as the local council (BANES), the Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT) and the National Trust (NT), which owns and manages the large area of hillside known as the Bath Skyline, which half the houses look out on.

Details of the aims and activities of  SBHA can be found under the appropriate heading at the top of this page.


The houses in Sydney Buildings are primarily from the late Georgian and Regency period (1790-1830), although at the southern end of the road there are 10 houses dating from the 1930s and one much more recent. Overall, the houses show an interesting diversity of size and appearance. All have splendid views of the city and its beautiful Abbey. The lower-numbered ones at the northern end back directly onto the Kennet and Avon Canal. Further up the road they look out over meadows and woods belonging to the National Trust.


There is magnificent walking country all around Bath, and Sydney Buildings gives easy access to some of the best of it. Just across the road there is National Trust farmland reaching up to Claverton Down and the Bath University campus. Up there you’ll find the splendid Bath Skyline Walk – six miles of way-marked trails through meadows and woods rich in wildlife and rare plants.


Across the canal the old towpath is a boon to walkers and cyclists. You can follow it down into the city, or into the country towards lovely destinations such as Bathampton and Bradford-on-Avon. If you’re lucky you’ll see a kingfisher, or heron as well as ducks, swans and moorhens.


To find out more about the interests, issues, events, history and happenings in this beautiful area of Bath, and the wider city, do explore our revised website!  There is s a lot of useful information.  Also there are many gallery photos which illustrate both the beauty of the place and what happens here.

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