We welcome all contributions, corrections, suggestions, requests, comments and feedback!

The email contact for the Association is : Email link

E-MAIL News & Bulletins

From time to time the committee sends out news, requests, information and sometimes warnings that have come from the local police.

There is always a judgement to be made as to how many residents might benefit from certain mailings.  We hope not to send out too many e-mails or too lengthy a mail.  Generally, the feedback from residents is that they welcome them even if sometimes they have less personal relevance.  We welcome any comments or suggestions that might improve our communication.

The Website

We aim to make the website interesting and informative for residents as well as for their relatives and friends.  It is being updated in August and September 2022. That process will continue in the new membership year, 2022-2023.  So, please bear with us if one or two sections look to be in need of special care!  

It is for the members and should be influenced by those who log on to it.  So, please tell us what works and what doesn’t!


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