By train. From Bath Spa station it is a five-minute taxi ride to Sydney Buildings, or a 15-minute walk up the canal towpath. To reach the canal, turn right in the station forecourt, walk though the archway that takes you to the back of the station, and cross the footbridge over the river. Turn left and go a short distance along the main road till you reach the canal, then follow the towpath uphill to Lock 13 and a little white footbridge (shown in the picture on the right), to bring you directly into our road between house numbers 29 and 30.

By road. The usual approaches are M4/A46/A4 (the London Road) from the north and east; A4/A36 (the Lower Bristol Road) from the west; and A36 or A37 from the south. Use the navigation aids on the Location Map to find the section of the A36 called Pulteney Road. A roundabout on that road marks the bottom of Bathwick Hill. Go up the hill, pass Tesco and a small parade of shops on the right, and Sydney Buildings is the next turning to the right. Alternatively you can reach the road via Pulteney Gardens and Horseshoe Walk.

Parking. The whole of one side of the road and stretches of the other side are reserved for parking by permit-holders. Visitors to residents can usually arrange to get short-term permits from the person they are visiting. Otherwise, there are several bays along the length of the road where anyone can park for up to two hours without a permit. There are no parking restrictions on Sundays or between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. on other days.