All residents of Sydney Buildings, including owners and those renting are encouraged to become members. 

Applying for Membership

The application form (link below) invites you to give details of your contact address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  You give permission for this to be stored and this information will only be shared with other residents on the membership list.   We have a Data Protection Policy in place.

The Year

The membership year currently runs from September 1st of one year until August 31st of the next year.  Historically, however, subscription dues are requested and collected during September up until the time of the AGM  [normally held in late September / early October].


The Treasurer will normally send out details for the easy payment of the subscription, either by paper money or by BACS.  You will receive the Association’s Bank Sort Code and Acct. Number.

It does help enormously for the subs to be forwarded promptly!

Be part of the Association!

A high proportion of our residents are members and apart from the benefits of being a part of a local community group, we hope that people feel that it represents good value for money! 

In 2022-2023, we are inviting the small number of businesses in the road to rejoin so that they feel part of the community and welcomed

Link to membership form:


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