Keeping the environment hygienic and tidy

Sydney Buildings now has a new litter bin

Jan 2022

As those of us who have been litter-picking in the last two years can attest, the amount of rubbish left behind by people picnicking or walking on Bathwick Fields has grown enormously during that time. Several residents, via the SBHA committee and with the support of the National Trust, pushed for a litter bin to be installed by the gate from the Fields on to the southern end of our street. We are grateful to Councillor Yukteshwar Kumar for asking the Council to allocate money from his Ward Empowerment Fund for this.

While litter-picking the street on Monday, 20 December one resident found 1 rugby ball, 9 drink cans, 2 bottles, 1 bag of dog-poo and several masks. Of these the bottles, 2 cans and the bag of dog-poo were within a metre of the gate where the new litter bin has now been placed. We hope that the new bin will put a stop to this!

SBHA is keen to ensure that our immediate surroundings are kept in good order.

This includes our road, the canal path and Bathwick Fields.

Action has been taken to clear paths, steps and gullies

Jan 2022

In January a small group of volunteers cleared the pathway and steps leading down from the Canal to Pulteney Road.  This work also involved clipping the hedge-way.

Further work has also been done to clear the road gulley opposite houses 23-29.

We plan future working groups and the next will be during Keep Britain Tidy Fortnight   [March 22-April 5].

Volunteers are always welcome to join, normally for 1-2 hours maximum!

We will keep you informed of dates and times.

Collected rubbish
Team at work
Work in progress
Clear steps

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  1. Glad you like it , Zu! Many thanks for your wonderful photography on this site…and the recent very smartly dressed kingfisher!


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