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2021-2022   September 1st – August 31st

David Quine              No.45 Chair

Kate Nash                  No   9  Communications

Mike Elliott               No.28 Treasurer

Shalagh Harwood     No.41  Membership

Richard Pooley         No. 21

Mary Stacey              No. 56

Adrian Pilbeam         No. 49

The Committee meets, generally every 2 months.


We welcome all contributions, corrections, suggestions, requests, comments and feedback!

The email contact for the Association is : Email link

E-MAIL News & Bulletins

From time to time the committee sends out news, requests, information and sometimes warnings that have come from the local police.

There is always a judgement to be made as to how many residents might benefit from certain mailings.  We hope not to send out too many e-mails or too lengthy a mail.  Generally, the feedback from residents is that they welcome them even if sometimes they have less personal relevance.  We welcome any comments or suggestions that might improve our communication.

The Website

We aim to make the website interesting and informative for residents as well as for their relatives and friends.  It is being updated in August and September 2022. That process will continue in the new membership year, 2022-2023.  So, please bear with us if one or two sections look to be in need of special care!  

It is for the members and should be influenced by those who log on to it.  So, please tell us what works and what doesn’t!


The Association exists:  “to promote and protect the interests of residents”.  This is in the official constitution.  The Committee meets regularly and acts to fulfil that role on behalf of those who live in the road.

What does this mean in practice:

A. In General

The committee will endeavour to make all residents feel a part of a caring community, pleased to welcome newcomers and proud of its position as one of the most beautiful of all places in Bath in which to live.

B. Support for neighbours

Look out for people who are new to the road [1-63] and make sure they feel welcome and encouraged to be members.

Try to unobtrusively ensure that people who are ill, going away, returning from abroad or whose circumstances change in any way feel that they are supported.

C. Communication

Keep residents informed through e-mails, newsletters, the website, events and an annual general meeting. Consult with members on matters affecting our community and Bath in general.

D. Maintenance & Enhancement of the immediate local environment

  1. Monitor the condition of the road and pavements at the front of the houses and look out for hazards and problems caused by traffic, parking, blocked gullies, litter and overhanging trees.
  2. Plan for appropriate improvements, such as street lamps, painted railings.
  3. Establish good relations with the Canal & River Trust in monitoring the use and improvement of the tow path.

E. Links with other organizations and groups

Establish good working relationships with those groups whose activities relate to the association. These include B&NES, FoBRA, Neighbouring Resident Associations, [Bathwick Hill; Widcombe]; Local councillors [Bathwick, Widcombe]; The National Trust [in regard to Bathwick fields]; Smallcombe Cemetery.

We aim to represent our members’ views on local issues such as planning, transport, parking, pollution and anything that affects the quality of life in our area. But, we need to know what matters to residents. So, do inform us!




All residents of Sydney Buildings, including owners and those renting are encouraged to become members. 

Applying for Membership

The application form (link below) invites you to give details of your contact address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  You give permission for this to be stored and this information will only be shared with other residents on the membership list.   We have a Data Protection Policy in place.

The Year

The membership year currently runs from September 1st of one year until August 31st of the next year.  Historically, however, subscription dues are requested and collected during September up until the time of the AGM  [normally held in late September / early October].


The Treasurer will normally send out details for the easy payment of the subscription, either by paper money or by BACS.  You will receive the Association’s Bank Sort Code and Acct. Number.

It does help enormously for the subs to be forwarded promptly!

Be part of the Association!

A high proportion of our residents are members and apart from the benefits of being a part of a local community group, we hope that people feel that it represents good value for money! 

In 2022-2023, we are inviting the small number of businesses in the road to rejoin so that they feel part of the community and welcomed

Link to membership form:



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